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Sanitizing Service

Based on the upcoming Rise in Covid-19 Cases, we are at an alarming state. Therefore, At NPC, we provide the Best Sanitizing & Disinfection Service right at your doorstep.


Our Chemical Used

Our Chemicals used for Sanitization are Not Made Toxic to humans as well as Pets. We use 100% Pure Natural Ingredients in our Disinfection Liquid. Plus, it is alcohol free.


Services Info

Our trained Technicians will carry out Disinfection in two levels:

  1. Using Hand Sprayer to Disinfect all commonly contacted surfaces
  2. Use ULV Misting Machine that breaks down our Solution to Ultra Tiny Particles that will cover and protect any exposed surface/contact area.

NPc Products

At NPC, We Provide the best Quality Services as Well as Products. Our Range Of Products such as Sanitization Solutions to Fly Traps and Mosquito Traps as well.

ETLNo.9 Sanitization Liquid


Truly all-purpose green cleaning formula

ETLNo.9 is designed as a 100% natural based disinfection Concentrate Liquid. But, it is also able to serve multiple usages ranging from Cleaning Kitchen Utensils to Laundry Washing. 

It is made up of purely natural ingredients and do not contain any Synthetic Chemicals Or Alcohol As it has Disinfection Capabilities.

It’s Active Ingredients are: Aqua, Lauryl Glucoside, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Lemon Extract, Deep Sea Mineral Extract and Aloe Vera Extract


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